vino toro clasico 1125

ǁf�$2!Z8*ێ�'��/Ea-a�vg%k�5k6��&j�Q1=�xUU�Szu��^)#%�(� Increible con cualquier carne roja. It has a great structure and a good tannic presence in the mouth and is persistent, fresh and very pleasant to the palate. We polish its ageing by undertaking malolactic fermentation, 60% in barrel, (80% in French oak barrels and 20% American oak), later sitting in the bottle until it is perfect for drinking. Pintia is located on the banks of the Duero River, within the Toro Appellation. VINO TORO TINTO. Rainy winter of mild temperatures. It is broad, very clean, expressive and elegant on the nose, with a great fruit intensity cocooned in a subtle way and of great quality. As part of our determination to achieve elegance, it is essential to choose just the right time to harvest so as to safeguard the freshness of aromas and the wine's acidity. Pintia is located on the banks of the river Duero, about a hundred kilometers from the original Vega Sicilia estate, and it belongs to the Toro Appellation of Origin, characterized by hot Summers. As is the case of all TEMPOS Vega Sicilia wines, the harvest is by hand with the fruit being placed in 12-kg boxes and grapes, once in the winery, they are left in a cold chamber for 12 hours in order to preserve their fruit intensity. �U�Աy�pt�����b��6j��S���g��$��޻�3 Light rain helps maturation end successfully and harvest began in the more advanced plots on September 9th, ending in some areas on September 30th, with excellent maturation parameters after several rain episodes. default Pintia is young, intense and ground-breaking in nature. Please fill in the form below if you'd like to be notified when it becomes available. A unique family of great wines in the world. Pintia. 2013 ended with a rainy autumn, a cold start of winter and widespread frost at the end of November and throughout December, while undergoing winter pruning. During the ageing process, we aim to fine-tune its personality by undertaking malolactic fermentation in 70% French oak barrels, 25% American oak and 5% Hungarian oak, later resting in the bottle until it is perfect for drinking. %PDF-1.4 %���� Veraison is twelve days late compared to 2012. August and September were hot and dry resulting in great balance of the grapes. High temperatures in spring that help recover from the delay and flowering without storms and winds caused a good fruit set. 1125 19TH AVE. N. HRS: MON.-SAT. 2020-10-13T10:04:57-05:00 / application/pdf Pintia 2013 is a wine of great colour intensity and profound layers. Lower temperatures than usual continue in May leading to a 15-day delay in flowering. 8AM-10PM SUN. Único. from application/x-indesign to application/pdf Brand:Sangre de Toro Type:White Region:SpainTasting NotesView: Extremely bright, straw yellow, with greenish and platinum flashes.Nose: Fruity aromas, highlighting the yellow apple, peaches, citrus and some white flowers.Mouth: Extremely refreshing, in balance between drynes Toro; Tokaj; Wines; Alión. Tiovivo clasico de caballitos de madera Y��F}bF5kPW�?.�/�l�CO���Q���}e?k����. 䣱��;&B�����e�xk��>Ռ�\5[���D���ߎ��..�ʕ@j�^-�VM��q�>��>�I>-]C�C� ��H ��b0�^�j[���]�.�z�;�͖m�:�Y-4jm���c91��@4 Ke5�S ���m��2w%7&h�^�A"�I�D)���z�FՇ+�+�HfáA�+cY������^���h�:����c�$������z$�Dl{��\�xl�C�ŷ��}�`�D�[�މ�o�!��){�4;g�0%5̏]��k�׀$�3������7x*Y�"�%E�7���N�Eք��%��)��6��j]x 2014 began in a similar manner, cold and abundant rainfall accumulating in deep soil generously filling storage capacity of all soil types. Macán Clásico. Previous 1 2 3 Next. The extreme weather conditions, very cold in the winter and intense heat in the summertime, act upon its complex soils characterized by large amount of pebbles. TORO CLÁSICO TINTO PRESENTACIÓN 375 CC, 700 CC, 1125 CC Teso La Monja. TETRA BRICK 1 LT. cantidad + Añadir al carrito; VINO VIÑAS DE BALBO CLASICO 1125 CC. Locuras Para Ti Amor.. Sorprende,Enamora,Se Feliz. As part of our determination to achieve the elegance of Vega Sicilia, it is essential to choose the perfect moment to harvest, preserving freshness of aromas and the wine's acidity. 21 likes. Oremus Aszú. The malolactic fermentation is 100% carried out in wood and the ageing in 70% French and 30% American during 12 months. 177,477 Bordeaux bottles, 5,515 Magnum, 422 Double Magnum, 35 Imperial. Oremus Eszencia. Food pairing:Ceviches, fresh oysters or mussels, salads with lettuce, pasta rich in dairy elements such as Al burro, Alfredo or Carbonara, golden chicken tacos, Mexican nopales, quesadillas with mushrooms or pumpkin flower as well as fish wallpaper and soft cheeses. Pintia is located on the banks of the Duero River, within the Toro Appellation. Tiovivo Clasico Sanluis. Growing delay extends through June and July with heavy rainfall which causing damage in several plots in Villaester. Discount Applied Automatically. False Adobe InDesign 15.1 (Windows) Vino de explosion frutal, de cuerpo largo y elegante. endstream endobj 3 0 obj <> endobj 5 0 obj >/PageWidthList<0 601.2>>>>>>/Resources<>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 601.2 936.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 6 0 obj <>stream This first removes those bunches that may have been wrongly picked in the field and the second focuses on the substandard berries that are found on optimum bunches. Ak�4�`�� * >J��*��z=�RZ�=��-ӡ@��.� 149.449 Bordeaux bottles, 5.558 Mágnum bottles, 400 Double-Mágnum bottles, 35 Imperial bottles. head of the emergence of a new generation of Toro wines. Grape:Parellada, Garnacha Blanca and others.

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