telefono elektra calzada independencia

Gobernador Curiel 3467, Elektra Guadalajara Av. ¡Infórmate aquí! ', '2@', 'wW', 'aA', null], 'R': ['eE', '4$', '5%', 'tT', 'fF', 'dD'], 'S': ['aA', 'wW', 'eE', 'dD', 'xX', 'zZ'], 'T': ['rR', '5%', '6^', 'yY', 'gG', 'fF'], 'U': ['yY', '7&', '8*', 'iI', 'jJ', 'hH'], 'V': ['cC', 'fF', 'gG', 'bB', null, null], 'W': ['qQ', '2@', '3#', 'eE', 'sS', 'aA'], 'X': ['zZ', 'sS', 'dD', 'cC', null, null], 'Y': ['tT', '6^', '7&', 'uU', 'hH', 'gG'], 'Z': [null, 'aA', 'sS', 'xX', null, null], '[': ['pP', '-_', '=+', ']}', '', ';:'], ': [']}', null, null, null, null, null], ']': ['[{', '=+', null, '|', null, ''], '^': ['5%', null, null, '7&', 'yY', 'tT'], '_': ['0)', null, null, '=+', '[{', 'pP'], '`': [null, null, null, '1! ', null, null, null], '1': [null, null, '4', '5', '2', '0', null, null], '2': ['1', '4', '5', '6', '3', '. Elektra Guadalajara . Avenida Patria No 2760. Foursquare © 2020  Lovingly made in NYC, CHI, SEA & LA, Av. 'node_modules/browserify/node_modules/browser-pack/_prelude.js'. ¡Infórmate aquí! Elektra - Guadalajara. En Elektra puedes encontrar: • artículos de audio y video • televisores • consolas • cámeras digitales • videocámeras • teléfonos celulares Elektra Calzada Independencia Nte 3180 Independencia Oriente 44340 Guadalajara, Jal Visita nuestra página web: Manuel Gómez M.) 4.8 "Suficientes locales de todo tipo, hay mucha varieda y ya hay Cinepolis. Watch BBW HD Porn 1080p HD porn videos for free on cache it.n min_guesses = 1n if match.token.length < password.lengthn min_guesses = if match.token.length 1n MIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_SINGLE_CHARn elsen MIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_MULTI_CHARn estimation_functions =n bruteforce: @bruteforce_guessesn dictionary: @dictionary_guessesn spatial: @spatial_guessesn repeat: @repeat_guessesn sequence: @sequence_guessesn regex: @regex_guessesn date: @date_guessesn guesses = estimation_functions[match.pattern].call this, matchn match.guesses = Math.max guesses, min_guessesn match.guesses_log10 = @log10 match.guessesn match.guessesnn bruteforce_guesses: (match) ->n guesses = Math.pow BRUTEFORCE_CARDINALITY, match.token.lengthn if guesses Number.POSITIVE_INFINITYn guesses = Number.MAX_VALUE;n # small detail: make bruteforce matches at minimum one guess bigger than smallest allowedn # submatch guesses, such that non-bruteforce submatches over the same [i..j] take precedence.n min_guesses = if match.token.length 1n MIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_SINGLE_CHAR + 1n elsen MIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_MULTI_CHAR + 1n Math.max guesses, min_guessesnn repeat_guesses: (match) ->n match.base_guesses * match.repeat_countnn sequence_guesses: (match) ->n first_chr = match.token.charAt(0)n # lower guesses for obvious starting pointsn if first_chr in ['a', 'A', 'z', 'Z', '0', '1', '9']n base_guesses = 4n elsen if first_chr.match /d/n base_guesses = 10 # digitsn elsen # could give a higher base for uppercase,n # assigning 26 to both upper and lower sequences is more conservative.n base_guesses = 26n if not match.ascendingn # need to try a descending sequence in addition to every ascending sequence ->n # 2x guessesn base_guesses *= 2n base_guesses * match.token.lengthnn MIN_YEAR_SPACE: 20n REFERENCE_YEAR: new Date().getFullYear()nn regex_guesses: (match) ->n char_class_bases =n alpha_lower: 26n alpha_upper: 26n alpha: 52n alphanumeric: 62n digits: 10n symbols: 33n if match.regex_name of char_class_basesn Math.pow(char_class_bases[match.regex_name], match.token.length)n else switch match.regex_namen when 'recent_year'n # conservative estimate of year space: num years from REFERENCE_YEAR.n # if year is close to REFERENCE_YEAR, estimate a year space of MIN_YEAR_SPACE.n year_space = Math.abs parseInt(match.regex_match[0]) - @REFERENCE_YEARn year_space = Math.max year_space, @MIN_YEAR_SPACEn year_spacenn date_guesses: (match) ->n # base guesses: (year distance from REFERENCE_YEAR) * num_days * num_yearsn year_space = Math.max(Math.abs(match.year - @REFERENCE_YEAR), @MIN_YEAR_SPACE)n guesses = year_space * 365n # add factor of 4 for separator selection (one of ~4 choices)n guesses *= 4 if match.separatorn guessesnn KEYBOARD_AVERAGE_DEGREE: calc_average_degree(adjacency_graphs.qwerty)n # slightly different for keypad/mac keypad, but close enoughn KEYPAD_AVERAGE_DEGREE: calc_average_degree(adjacency_graphs.keypad)nn KEYBOARD_STARTING_POSITIONS: (k for k,v of adjacency_graphs.qwerty).lengthn KEYPAD_STARTING_POSITIONS: (k for k,v of adjacency_graphs.keypad).lengthnn spatial_guesses: (match) ->n if match.graph in ['qwerty', 'dvorak']n s = @KEYBOARD_STARTING_POSITIONSn d = @KEYBOARD_AVERAGE_DEGREEn elsen s = @KEYPAD_STARTING_POSITIONSn d = @KEYPAD_AVERAGE_DEGREEn guesses = 0n L = match.token.lengthn t = match.turnsn # estimate the number of possible patterns w/ length L or less with t turns or less.n for i in [2..L]n possible_turns = Math.min(t, i - 1)n for j in [1..possible_turns]n guesses += @nCk(i - 1, j - 1) * s * Math.pow(d, j)n # add extra guesses for shifted keys. Calle Plutarco Elías Calles No 1000. )1+/gn lazy_anchored = /^(.+? Descubre en Elektra una gran variedad de productos con ofertas increíbles. Ofertas actuales y horarios de la tienda de Elektra en Av. calzada independencia norte número: 1131 colonia: independencia poniente guadalajara, cp: 44379 Ofertas actuales y horarios de la tienda de Elektra en Calzada Independencia Nte. Manuel Gómez M.), "Suficientes locales de todo tipo, hay mucha varieda y ya hay Cinepolis. '# generated by scripts/build_keyboard_adjacency_graphs.pynadjacency_graphs = n qwerty: {'! Plutarco Elias Calles 1000-A y de otras tiendas cercanas. Ofertas actuales y horarios de la tienda de Elektra en Calzada Independencia Nte. ', ']}', null, '|', null, '-_'], '>': [',<', '3#', '4$', 'pP', 'eE', 'oO'], '? has degree 1.n# this calculates the average over all keys.ncalc_average_degree = (graph) ->n average = 0n for key, neighbors of graphn average += (n for n in neighbors when n).lengthn average /= (k for k,v of graph).lengthn averagennBRUTEFORCE_CARDINALITY = 10nMIN_GUESSES_BEFORE_GROWING_SEQUENCE = 10000nMIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_SINGLE_CHAR = 10nMIN_SUBMATCH_GUESSES_MULTI_CHAR = 50nnscoring =n nCk: (n, k) ->n # return 0 if k > nn return 1 if k 0n r = 1n for d in [1..k]n r *= nn r /= dn n -= 1n rnn log10: (n) -> Math.log(n) / Math.log(10) # IE doesn't support Math.log10 :(n log2: (n) -> Math.log(n) / Math.log(2)nn factorial: (n) ->n # unoptimized, called only on small nn return 1 if n < 2n f = 1n f *= i for i in [2..n]n fnn # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------n # search --- most guessable match sequence -------------------------------------n # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------n #n # takes a sequence of overlapping matches, returns the non-overlapping sequence withn # minimum guesses. Ofertas actuales y horarios de la tienda de Elektra en Calle Agua Fría 3700 y de otras tiendas cercanas. )n variations *= 2n elsen # this case is similar to capitalization:n # with aa44a, U = 3, S = 2, attacker needs to try unsubbed + one sub + two subsn p = Math.min(U, S)n possibilities = 0n possibilities += @nCk(U + S, i) for i in [1..p]n variations *= possibilitiesn variationsnn # utilities --------------------------------------------------------------------nnmodule.exports = scoringn', 'time_estimates =n estimate_attack_times: (guesses) ->n crack_times_seconds =n online_throttling_100_per_hour: guesses / (100 / 3600)n online_no_throttling_10_per_second: guesses / 10n offline_slow_hashing_1e4_per_second: guesses / 1e4n offline_fast_hashing_1e10_per_second: guesses / 1e10nn crack_times_display = {}n for scenario, seconds of crack_times_secondsn crack_times_display[scenario] = @display_time secondsnn crack_times_seconds: crack_times_secondsn crack_times_display: crack_times_displayn score: @guesses_to_score guessesnnn guesses_to_score: (guesses) ->n DELTA = 5n if guesses < 1e3 + DELTAn # risky password: 'too guessable'n 0n else if guesses < 1e6 + DELTAn # modest protection from throttled online attacks: 'very guessable'n 1n else if guesses < 1e8 + DELTAn # modest protection from unthrottled online attacks: 'somewhat guessable'n 2n else if guesses < 1e10 + DELTAn # modest protection from offline attacks: 'safely unguessable'n # assuming a salted, slow hash function like bcrypt, scrypt, PBKDF2, argon, etcn 3n elsen # strong protection from offline attacks under same scenario: 'very unguessable'n 4nn display_time: (seconds) ->n minute = 60n hour = minute * 60n day = hour * 24n month = day * 31n year = month * 12n century = year * 100n [display_num, display_str] = if seconds < 1n [null, 'less than a second']n else if seconds < minuten base = Math.round secondsn [base, '#{base} second']n else if seconds < hourn base = Math.round seconds / minuten [base, '#{base} minute']n else if seconds < dayn base = Math.round seconds / hourn [base, '#{base} hour']n else if seconds < monthn base = Math.round seconds / dayn [base, '#{base} day']n else if seconds < yearn base = Math.round seconds / monthn [base, '#{base} month']n else if seconds < centuryn base = Math.round seconds / yearn [base, '#{base} year']n elsen [null, 'centuries']n display_str += 's' if display_num?

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