sasha banks pareja Sasha Banks and Bayley Drafted to SmackDown. They both exchange counts of two, but Sasha manages to apply the Bank Statement. Then Blackheart goes to his corner and with a pair of scissors sends Bayley against the corner, and she leaves the ring. They have only given it to her so that Sasha stops crying. #WWENXT. You made this movement and this moment happen! Aside from being the first tag team champions of the modern era, Sasha is the first horse / alopecia woman to achieve that. Lots of potential for any Women's Division in WWE. The challengers were good, but the distraction was decisive for the triumph of the champions, who celebrate in the middle of the ring. The audience chants her name. Sign up. How good is it @ShotziWWEDamn. What a disgusting result but what could be expected, once again they overvalue Sasha by giving her a title so that there is no threat to leave the company. Nox backslides a count of two. Although Swann had managed to defend the honor of his friend, Cedric Alexander, by breaking up Dar and Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, Fox, the mischievous couple managed to work things out and are now more dangerous than ever. Follow. I don't know, maybe this will help to give them new air, they were already declining almost entirely, although we know that everything would end in a rivalry between themselves ... but anyway, this for something to serve ... Sonya was beautiful, that outfit favors her a lot. 5 yıl önce | 4 görüntülenme. Blackheart enters and launches himself on The Boss supported by the ropes and achieves a count of two. #WomensEvolution #YouDeserveIt! ► 6- Women's Tag Team Championship: Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart, WWE RAW (June 15, 2020) | Randy Orton speaks after Backlash, WWE NXT (June 17, 2020) | Bayley and Sasha Banks defend the title, AEW DYNAMITE (June 17, 2020) | Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Page defend the title, AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING 2020 | Jon Moxley vs. Brodie lee. In the edition of WWE NXT from this night, Bayley y Sasha Banks they gave us a very good fight against two great rivals who lived up to the circumstances and They also performed well in this match in which they managed to retain the Women's Couples Championship. It was sung that they won and more when they lost and had to enter first. Now Sasha and Shotzi are out of the ring, and the champion connects a running knee. Disgust for the hair! Having so many women on the roster and they chose this two horse face,, WWE en NXT. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan). They both have what I like. Search. Happy for my girl Bayley! After a brief exchange, we see a Chokeslam from Nox to Sasha, who falls on Bayley outside the ring. Shotzi resists and achieves a kind of strangulation on Sasha. Too bad I win mediocrity, just as you all celebrate mediocre that this is a triumph of yours too. Then, return Blackheart to the ring and get a tale of two. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata Joshua Harter (né le 4 février 1982 à Détroit), plus connu sous son nom de ring Chris Sabin , est un catcheur américain . the horse did not deserve that championship, bayley is fine by her, but there were better teams with even more history than these two, too obvious, mandy and sonia were very good, Simply the BEST won as it had to be award for his great work and not overrated work like other semi-blonde silly XD well done girls made history as it had to be, arm we needed 2 grand for that award 2 girls with experience, and we already knew that the others would not win it and put to Nia Jax as a fat half-dick as well as Braun Strowman in men great Sasha and Bayley they finally made it #Thank you and #DeservedChampsSashaYBayley I leave this photo for you their haters are on fire HAHAHAHA The IIconicas were left to me. Artist Rob Schamberger gets the NXT Universe ready for NXT TakeOver: Respects main event for the NXT Womens Championship with Bayley and The Boss. Sarah Logan surprised me, I would not mind seeing her go individual or get a stronger partner and that they form a tag in the style of War Raiders. Sasha Banks applies the Bank Statement and wins. Watch fullscreen. Lots of potential for any Women's Division in WWE. They really seem like kids who are angry about everything they don't like. 1:21. Then, for six minutes Sonya and Mandy battled with Bayley and Sasha Banks, who He won the victory for his team after Deville surrendered to the Bank Statement.

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