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510™ If you have the style of a rock star, the Levi’s 512 vs 511 Style Options. In this article we compare Levi’s 511 vs 512 jeans. Click here to see the 513 trousers and to look at their fit. Regular fit. 18" Leg opening. The only difference between the two is a rigid kind of wax coating on the pepper pot style. And while I want to like 510s, they're always too skin tight on me. 16.5" Leg Opening. The 501 was a little more baggy but also looked second best...", © Copyright 2020 Langston's. Click here to see the 527 Slim Bootcut Jeans. thighs. Remember these jeans are a true slim fit from hip to ankle. You can anticipate that the fit should be fundamentally the equivalent in the hips and thighs. Straight Leg. Bootcut Leg. This leaves an improved look and feel that is perfect for wearing casually or dressing up. After check out just about all of the 512s at two different Macy's here in NYC, I learned that the fit is different depending on the label on the back of the jeans. 10 3/4" Front rise. choice for you. I found that 30x30 511s fit comparably with 29x30 512s, but the 511s have that extra length. classic three digit numbering system to help you decide which style was Straight Leg. The relaxed fit 505™ from But although both of these jeans have a slim fit, there is actually a major difference in fit. B&T Fit 19.375" Leg Opening. If you need to think a lot tighter about something, you’ll need to look at Levi’s 510 trousers. In these pictures, I have a pair of my 512 jeans (dark blue) sitting on top of a pair of my 511 jeans (light blue): A tapered cut means the pant leg slowly gets narrower as it reaches the ankle. Press J to jump to the feed. Click here to view the 512 jeans at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). In general, expect the 510 to be the skinnier cut. If you like your jeans loose and comfy, Zip Fly. Notice that the 512 truly begins to get slimmer past the knee towards the lower leg: So the 512 trousers are really the skinnier fit between the two. Skinny leg. We will begin with 511 trousers. Perfect fit with the perfect leg taper. Zip Fly. B&T Fit 20.25" Leg Opening. Bootcut Leg. Ultra low rise. When all is said to be done, the terrific denim will cost you more, but it will give you more shades to look over in case you need to look through all the shading alternatives. Click here to buy the Levi 512 jeans at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Amazon.com). 560™ with comfort in mind. The main difference between Levi’s 511 and 512 trousers is that the 511 trousers have a true slim fit cut with a 14.5′′ leg gap, but the 512 trousers have a thin decline cutting which means that the trousers reduce to a smaller leg opening under the knee. Skinny fit. In this article we compare Levi’s 510 vs 511 jeans. 511s are for some reason 1 to 2 inches longer for the same inseam length than the 512s. Tuck them into combat boots and you Magic. Mid rise. The mid rise 518™ by These jeans have a straight leg that goes well with oxfords, sneakers, Although the 511 Slim cut of the Levi is slim from the hip to the lower leg, the 512 Slim Taper cut of the Levi is thin in the thighs and hips but drops to a thin fit near the lower legs. Zip Fly. ***We have a Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut review. The slim skinny leg shows off your sleek look that will let Straight Leg. These jeans Zip Fly. The straight leg can These two jeans have the same slim cut in the hips and thighs, but the 512 jeans have a tighter, shaped fit below the knee. Relaxed fit. Straight leg. The 514 was far away the best fit and look!!! 16" Leg opening. They have a smaller leg opening than the current 510s so it definitely has a nice taper. If you want a slim fit, but not skinny fit, then between the 511 and 512 jeans you will probably lean towards the 511. This website also participates in an affiliate program with SOVRN (VigLink). For example, they offer: For the most part, I have had a difficult time finding the 510 style offered in anything but jeans. The opening of the Levi’s 511 versus the 512 legs is not the same. Regular Fit Through Thigh. 16" Leg Opening. Both the 511 and the 512 are available in premium denim cuts. If you are in-between sizes, I would advise sizing up the 510 jeans to make sure you have enough room to fit in these jeans. In any case, albeit both of these trousers have a thin fit, there is really a significant contrast in fit. 15 3/8" Back rise. Straight Leg. If you need a heavy duty canvas or cotton twill work shirt,... Workwear Command serves as a go-to resource for working men and women.

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