clave dicotomica orthoptera

Zadadra neodistorta Joshi, Kirti & Singh sp. Arthropods attracted to animal carcasses in a salt marsh environment were surveyed in southeastern Florida during four seasons from September 2009 to July 2010. 6). The founding of nests was studied between 1996 and 2000 in various localities of 2 states of southeastern Brazil. By random sampling of tomatillo fruits in 5 locations per plot, the percentage of damage was estimated. The habit of Eidmanacris, distribution of its species, and the presence of reduced forewings in females are discussed. Hence, we simulated a set of natural diurnal temperature fluctuations each with the same mean temperature (25 ± 0, 25 ± 2, 25 ± 4, 25 ± 6, 25 ± 8, 25 ± 10 °C), to which we exposed the eggs of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae), and assessed subsequent egg development, survival and post-hatching traits. Larva-infested wheat kernels from a laboratory colony of Sitophilus oryzae (L.), a species similar in size and behavior to S. zeamais, were placed in a pouch and inserted near the side or the bottom of a bag of maize. DIVERSIDAD DE ODONATA (INSECTA) EN LA RESERVA NATU... Hábitos alimentarios de larvas de Trichoptera (Ins... TRICHOPTERA COLLECTED BY PROF. J. ILLIES IN NEW GU... Recolección y Conservación de Trichoptera, con Énf... Phylogeny of the Dragonfly and Damselfly Order Odo... Ireland Red List No. The growth of 3rd instars indicated a maximum antibiosis effect by C. tridens and C. aestuans on S. obliqua. Forewing without post medial costal spot; male genitalia with cucullus broad and flap like nov. (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) close to D. (Cribridorcadion) infernale Mulsant & Rey, 1863 is described from Karaman Province, Turkey. You will have access to both the presentation and article (if available). Some individuals in cooperative groups choose to help in rearing the broods of conspecific females. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. A key to the world species of genus Speccafrons is given. Students can learn about biodiversity by making observations in the field and through mapping activities. The preference level of females for untreated beans varied between 73 and 94%, indicating that all the leaf and stem powders can be a part of the integrated management of C. maculatus in storage facilities. Comparative Demography of Three Hawaiian Fruit Fli... Functional Response and Superparasitism by Diachas... Phylogenetic Importance of Immature Stages: Solvin... Biología y algunos datos morfológicos de la mosca ... New cockroach species, redescriptions, and records... Primeros registros de Homoeogamia mexicana Burmeis... First Mexican species of Sensillanura (Collembola:... Colémbolos (Hexapoda) del Nevado de Colima, Jalisc... A new species of Schaefferia Absolon, 1900 (Collem... Claves para la identificación de subfamilias y gén... CLAVE DE LOS GENEROS DE HORMIGAS EN MEXICO (HYMENO... Introducción a las hormigas de la región Neotropical. Adults were salmon-pink in color, and females had a body length of 9.71 mm and a wingspan of 33.62 mm. Recent changes in the cultivars grown have the potential to increase pest populations and diminish biological control efficacy. An acoustic probe was inserted into the bag, and recordings were made at multiple positions, 5–35 cm from the pouch. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Arg. (Registration numbers: PUP/RJ -142a; PUP/RJ -142b; PUP/RJ -142c), DISSECTED SPECIMEN: PUP/RJ -142a; Slide no. Head with frons blackish; vertex dull orange. In this study, we evaluated the potential use of Caatinga plant species for controlling infestations of Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae), the most important insect pest of cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. Our results showed that there were no significant differences in these phenomena between the constant temperature treatment and the treatments with moderate temperature fluctuations. Increasing demand for alternatives to pesticides combined with resistance to registered pest control products necessitates the evaluation of viable alternatives. For male chirps produced in response to disturbance, frequency was positively correlated with the density of ridges on stridulatory structures and inversely correlated with beetle size characteristics. These tools have led to increased program effectiveness and have been adopted in many countries. Total protein content in the host plants had a significant positive correlation with the larval survival, weight, pupation, and adult emergence of S. obliqua, whereas polyphenol oxidase and total phenol were negatively correlated. Adult longevity, the total number of eggs deposited, and the average number of eggs per female per day were not significantly different between females held for 2 or 4 wk at 7 or 10 °C at 95% RH with or without honey. Besides FW, RSW, and BNW, 2 additional species of whiteflies were detected in collections, namely Paraleyrodes pseudonaranjae Martin (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) and a species provisionally designated Aleurodicinae sp1. Z. neodistorta sp. The key for the separation of the species-group D. triangularia by Wilkinson is modified. Clave ilustrada para la identificación de las familias de Pentatomomorpha 169 El infraorden Pentatomomorpha se caracteriza con base en la posición de los tricobotrios del abdomen y la ubicación relativa de las estructuras tarsales. You currently do not have any folders to save your paper to! The lengths of male and female antennae were 4.63 mm and 5.46 mm, respectively. A new species of the genus Ditrigona Moore, 1888 (Lepidoptera: Drepanidae: Drepaninae), Ditrigona clavata sp. We observed seasonal variation in abundance of dipterans. En el abdomen los tricobotrios pueden estar ubicados: 1) sublateralmente (Pentatomoidea) Aquatic insects of the central North Island. This new species is compared with its similar congener, Forcipomyia (Lepidohelea) qionghaiensis Liu and Yu, 2001. This will count as one of your downloads. The collected specimens were processed using standard techniques in lepidopterology. Numerous sounds of 4 different types were detected over a range of frequencies extending to 7 kHz, well within the signal-processing capabilities of currently available low-cost microcontroller platforms. 2, Male genitalia. Additional locality records were obtained from published articles and from specimens collected in these and other ecoregions in both countries. nov. are: cucullus halter like and the saccular process is sickle shaped, without any projection on the inner side.

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